Match the colour on the ground with the colour on the Box as you flip, slide and rotate through 15 challenging levels. Inspired by Bloxorz and De Blob, Box Box will test your shape rotating and spatial manipulation ability (or so I'm told by people wearing white coats). Featuring a pulsing soundtrack, spiffy level transitions and head scratching puzzles, I hope you enjoy Box Box!


- WASD for moving your Box
- R to restart a level (or fall of the edge)
- Click the sound icon to toggle sound
- Click the star icon to toggle background motion

Whats Next?

- More levels! 
- More Mechanics!
- Hopefully a public level editor so you can send devious levels to your friends

How Can You Help?

If you like the game and want to see its development continued, share the game with your friends, send in any feedback you have, and if your feeling generous, a donation is much appreciated. Also , check out my other games here.


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Lovely. I agree with other commenters that an undo key would be great.

I think these kinds of games just aren't very enjoyable as planning your moves feels pretty demanding and unintuitive. Maybe an undo functionality would be nice?